01.14.2007:Finally, a support group we can all get behind
01.09.2007:The City That Ever Reeks
01.08.2007:Waiter, there's a uterus in my soup
01.03.2007:Long Lost Mummy of Nefertiti Found in Smoog's Apartment
12.30.2006:New Year's resolutions we can actually keep
12.29.2006:Zzzzzzz*SNORT* Mwuh -- huh --? Dozed off there for a second.
02.21.2006:We are experiencing technical difficulties due to misplaced brain function. Please stand by.
01.31.2006:Smoog, garbage guru
01.27.2006:Secret footage unearthed from 4 billon years ago - finally, the real story about life on Earth!
01.24.2006:The latest reality TV show for those who have no life
01.20.2006:Smoog's soul needs saving. Smoog is a bad, bad, dirty soul.
01.17.2006:Take two Smoogs and call me in the morning
01.14.2006:Vaginal Madness!
01.12.2006:What a fowl plan. I bock at the thought.
01.10.2006:How to make like you're lying about everything in one easy step
01.08.2006:Win friends and influence people through bloodshed
01.03.2006:The Unbearable Lightness of Blog
01.02.2006:Taking On The Great Outdoors with Seething Wang Hose: Lesson #1 - Ice Fishing
12.31.2005:The times, they are - well, not changing so much really
12.30.2005:Smoog's Lessons in Etiquette: Lesson #4 – The House Party
12.29.2005:The Smoog Shoppe
12.28.2005:All Hail Smoog!
12.26.2005:Five Weired Halibuts
12.24.2005:In which Smoog decides Christmas is out for vengeance
12.23.2005:In which Smoog's loathing of Christmas is further reinforced
12.21.2005:In which Smoog pees on the leg of anyone carrying gift wrap
12.14.2005:Rage, rage against the dying of the metaphor!
11.28.2005:Stuff it
09.19.2005:Celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day, Me Hearties!
08.19.2005:We interrupt this rant to, um, rant about something else
08.17.2005:Be good, Billy, or a fat person will steal your breakfast and sit on your face while you're sleeping
08.16.2005:On the subject of brain death, gelatin-like haematomas, and yurts
08.12.2005:We interrupt this depression to bring you the following freak-on news update
07.31.2005:Taking the phrase "letting myself go" to a whole new level
07.28.2005:Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled - shit, what are we saying?!? Fuck off!
07.23.2005:A discussion on fucked evolution. Literally.
07.22.2005:Letters To My Organs
07.21.2005:Smoog's Scorecard: Life-105, Insurance-82, Smoog-0
07.16.2005:Everything is better with ice chips
07.12.2005:Smoog’s Lessons in Etiquette: Lesson #3 – The Bathroom
07.04.2005:Fabulous smile - not so fabulous bank balance
06.26.2005:I may be bankrupt, but my hair looks fantastic
06.25.2005:I may not be able to breathe, but I am protected against stray bullets
06.22.2005:Item #43 of things I really didn't need to know about my neighbours
06.20.2005:I shall defeat the evil-doers and preserve my Jello!
06.19.2005:I, bastard daughter of the mailman, take you, mutant ogre
06.18.2005:Vows to my Lover (or "what kind of crazy person breaks up over toilet paper?")
06.17.2005:No Pants Gang!
06.12.2005:A message from your frontal lobe: we're experiencing technical difficulties - please stand by
06.09.2005:Oooh baby, let me manipulate your gonads
06.08.2005:An open letter to every homo sapien who squats to pee
03.19.2005:Tell me when this gets annoying: AAAAGHABAKKASHMEEEEP!
03.08.2005:When you still can't find the words
02.26.2005:When you just can't find the words

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