yes, kill someone at the bank. and then eat them. solves your food problem and destroys the evidence. or perhaps you could rob the bank... get your $200 back. poor smoogy. good luck!

pumpkin queen - website of choice
2005-12-23 21:38:37

Mmmm, loan officer rib-eye. Tasty.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-12-23 21:42:38

I've been there, honey! I think our bosses are alien kin. I could send you a bit o' help via Paypal if you like (Christmas gift!). Let me know, 'k? ;)

Halo Askew - website of choice
2005-12-23 22:57:59

Aww. That's so sweet, Skewy. (You don't mind if I call you Skewy, do you?) At the moment, I'll wistfully say no, but in a few days, depending on the taste of cat food, I may take you up on your offer.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-12-23 23:25:04

I'd offer to help you, but I'm munching on bank-teller stew for the next week, myself, and have company coming to help eat that. :-s

radiogurl - website of choice
2005-12-24 00:51:48

that's why I stock up on canned pasta and peanut butter and chocolate when I've got the cash flow, just for times when I must tell myself 'no more spending until [insert date]... remember rule #67: don't kill and eat the bank person until after you rob them...

candoor - website of choice
2005-12-24 02:47:07

As of Mar. 26, 2007, only Diaryland members will be able to post comments. Hopefully this will change soon, but I'm being spammed with 40-50 porn links in my comments pages a day, and it has to stop.

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