My take on the misery that people have made of Christmas: http://slywy.diaryland.com/christmas04.html

Slywy - website of choice
2005-12-21 22:52:35

Well, missy, if I had your address I'd certainly send you a tiara! (In a strictly non-festive gesture of goodwill, of course.) Personally I've always found one (and perhaps a couple of sparkly rhinestone pasties) to be the ultimate accessory for dancing topless (and/or bottomless) on the table during those ghastly Christmas parties, just before one falls to the floor and races off the six most handsome men (and/or women) in the room for snogging (and/or shagging) purposes. Love, R xxx

hissandtell - website of choice
2005-12-22 01:25:55

Well, babe, you're welcome to my mailing address as long as you promise to send the evidence of your last Christmas shindig. In the meantime, I'll have to make do with digital fantasy:

All hail Queen Smoog!

Smoog - website of choice
2005-12-22 01:52:35

Dear gawd! Someone else who feels the same way I do about "The Holidays"...except, I'd hybernate until February 15th if I could. I'm with Hiss: Tiaras for Smoog; should become a D-land campaign in 2006.

cat - website of choice
2005-12-22 05:35:09

*hibernate* - Damn sleep deprivation causing me to misspell the simplest words! ARGH!!! (No, not sleep deprived due to holiday madness - I'm sleep deprived on a regular basis).

cat - website of choice
2005-12-22 05:37:30

Is tinsel flamable?

Carrie - website of choice
2005-12-22 08:37:48

Heh! Then you won't be enjoying what I've been up to in the poetry newsgroups - http://tinyurl.com/8o96e

Rik, knee deep - website of choice
2005-12-22 08:43:05

I don't think tinsel is flammable, but it was all that would come to mind when I wrote this. I was really thinking of those tinder-dry trees. Go figure. Nice to know there's an "edit" function.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-12-22 08:48:40

AGH! Christmas poem overload! My eyes! Bleeding!

Smoog - website of choice
2005-12-22 08:51:43

xmas means no work, and sharing, and spending time with family. or at least hopefully family i like. thus, i like it.

under stars - website of choice
2005-12-22 08:58:12

Christmas doesn't mean those things, at least based on the actual behaviour of the majority of those participating in it. The idea of Christmas supposedly means that, but the reality of its execution leaves a little something to be desired.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-12-22 09:02:08

You know, if you look at that Queen Smoog picture from a certain angle, it looks rather like I'm wearing a tinfoil hat.

*crinkle* Must keep the government from beaming thoughts into my head and all.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-12-22 09:29:30

I very much understand you, Smoogie, but y'see, I am a Christmas addict. So just try to ignore my gently crooning "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" here in your comments section. It's nothing personal, I swear! (I would totally touch you with way less than a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole.)

Meany - website of choice
2005-12-22 09:31:34

Thanks for the tinsel clarification. I totally understand the tinder-dry trees, but i was worried my whole house was going to go up in flames if i put the tinsel too close to the light bulbs... You've successfully saved my daughter from years of "NO! Don't move the TINSEL!" I will, however, be sure to let you know should my house explode into flames. Thanks. :)

Carrie - website of choice
2005-12-22 10:25:38

hehe, well, I can certainly relate to much of what you write, but I like Meany, am a Christmas addict. And for the past few years it HAS been R&R. I cook for myself. Shut off the puter and all workrelated thought. Have a long hot bath on the eve of the 24th, dress nicely, eat my lovely meal by myself in a leisurely manner (all my family is about 2000 miles away), open prezzies, call said family for a quick thanks for prezzies by mail, and then lounge around eating chocolates and reading novels til I fall asleep. The 25th I enjoy the fact that all stores are closed and just loll about. yeah. yay. This yr, very weird since I suddenly have a boyfriend with kids and parents. eek! so um, reading your entry I was having a sort of premonition of days to come. :D Love the tiara, and I am sure hissy can come up with convincing evidence. Though I do hope she has thrown out the used condoms. :D

wench77 - website of choice
2005-12-22 10:31:14

I like Christmas but then kids are grown and moved to the sunshine state. Hubby and I hide out in the mountains, known as outlaw hollow. (truth) Family is far away, not many venture to this part of the world. I fix a two person small Christmas ham, or deer, depending on hunting season and give the gifts of gift cards tucked in a cute little Christmas card via the mail. I had fun this Christmas season knowing I had little to do besides work and read a good book. You are right though, if my Christmas was like you wrote about, I'd hide. Sandyz

fightn4life - website of choice
2005-12-23 08:43:33

Christmas was all of the things you described for me until my husband joined the military and we got the hell away from our families. Once we weren't obligated to do a damn thing anymore, we were free to do things our way, which made it fun.

Nikki - website of choice
2005-12-23 11:08:14

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