Trance - website of choice
2005-08-19 17:03:08

Amen sistah! I tried that Gender Genie twice with two different entries- apparently I'm both male and female. Bwa ha ha.

MissPinkKate - website of choice
2005-08-19 17:08:31

Ha. When I tried it last year, the Gender Genie got me wrong every time. (I know at least one of my Oz readers tried my diary writing on it back then, too, and reckoned it said my entries were as bloky as a cockstruck old man kangaroo with a raging hard-on.) Apparently, despite my ballbreaking history, my testicles are not only intact but enormous too: which is pretty much what I've always suspected anyway. Rant away, darling. Love, R xxx

hissandtell - website of choice
2005-08-19 17:19:01

Smoog the non-dude, that is so right on. Here's to bitchy whiners who do not deserve to be referred to as such!

Meany again - website of choice
2005-08-19 17:28:42

Meh - I don't give a flying fuck what the gender machine says *shrugs* I have worked virtually my whole live as a woman in what's predomantly a man's field. I held my own and dealt with completer jerks on both sides of the gender line, and have dealt with good people on both sides of it, too. But you're right; people do differentiate. I don't blame the guys who apologize. In fact, I honestly figure it's intended as its own kind of respect, whether or not I agree. The ones who use the knowledge as an immediate springboard to hit on me - that's another story. I do enjoy toying with my food before I eat it, though, so I tend to reply to them first...

radiogurl - website of choice
2005-08-19 17:31:48

Hell, I whine and I'll admit it when I do. If I ever called my wife out for being a whiner I'd be on the couch faster than anything. It's called mutual respect - we have that where we work and by gosh - the staff all gets along and we work for the common good - because we freakin' respect each other, listen to each other, and listent to their ideas. How hard is that? I apologize for the meatheads amongst my gender...

Smed - website of choice
2005-08-19 17:52:27

i forget about gender online. it really doesn't matter. like, what gender am i? i don't know. for instance, today i am female (but only just). yesterday i was female (with fewer than 500 words, however). the day before that i was female too. i guess i must be female.

master star - website of choice
2005-08-19 18:20:18

Yay non-dude Smoog! Two awesome entries in a row. Thanks for putting your very smart and centered thinking out there, you have such a sane and inteligent way of writing... I am so very jealous. I think you are right, though, about vocal quality counting against us women folk. I have a pretty deep alto and I've noticed I get taken much more seriously than friends of mine who are just as smart and consice (sometimes more so) but have higher voices. I've also found when I am being spoken to by superiors or folks significantly older than me my voice jumps a good half octive and I HATE it. I feel like a simpering kid and I really am treated like I am younger or less experienced when I do that. I'm trying to learn to control it but it is much harder than I thought

lumentarix - website of choice
2005-08-19 18:56:28

Meany - heeeee.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-08-19 19:53:20

You got bawls...BIG King Kong Bawls. Thank GOD for your BAWLS!!!

Malthus - website of choice
2005-08-19 20:12:56

Just because they're not flesh and blood doesn't mean you don't have balls. Yours are brass, and therefore far stronger than someone born with cock and balls. Screw anyone who says that shit. When you want to rant, rant. I love reading your rants. I often find women far more witty than men, and get a woman's point far easier than a man's.

Connie - website of choice
2005-08-19 20:50:32

My experience was pretty similar to yours. Everyone online thought I was a man and did a lot of virtual back slapping and hung on my every word. Once I outed myself as female, I was ignored once I made it clear I didn't do cybersex. The intelligence/wit/humour of my conversation hadn't changed; my gender had. Gack.

DS - website of choice
2005-08-19 22:26:59

I admit I`m nosey. Sometimes I just like to flick through other peoples` diaries through sheer curiosity. Yours is funny as opposed to teenage-angsty, so it`s one of my favourites.

kouma - website of choice
2005-08-27 21:33:48

There's nothing wrong with women voicing their opinions. Women are so used and abused and mistreated it makes me sick. And I'm a guy. What's really sad is that women have become men haters in response. Not that alot of guys don't deserve it, but believe or not, there actually are a few of us that are decent. It's just mortifying to those few of us who see women as equals, and not second class citizens, when we hear about stuff like this. And there are of course worse things that some men do to women. That just make me sick beyond belief. Not even going to go there. Speak your mind. You have the right, just as much as any man.

IDon'tPretend - website of choice
2005-09-08 23:17:21

As of Mar. 26, 2007, only Diaryland members will be able to post comments. Hopefully this will change soon, but I'm being spammed with 40-50 porn links in my comments pages a day, and it has to stop.

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