Haha! "Hymenically" almost sounds like something you'd hear a priest say ... like, a priest in the Church Of Freak.

Glad your time with the man went so well -- and remember, ice cream and liquor make everything better!

Meany - website of choice
2005-08-12 18:40:56

Hmmm. Sounds to me as if you're suffering from "Healed Over" syndrome, as they call it 'round these parts. (Trust me, I'm a doctor. Well, I used to be engaged to one, anyway.) Our old shearers' cook, who frequently bemoaned her "lack of roots", used that as her standard answer to the question, "Gettin' any, Sal?" "Nah, mate! It's healed over!" And yes, from what I understand from my extensive medical studies, boy-penises are very sneaky things indeed, and it would not surprise me one bit if they managed to deke around all manner of things, the slippery little fucks. (Also and yes, call Guinness: as meany said, ice cream and stout make everything better...) Love, R xxx

hissandtell - website of choice
2005-08-12 19:11:01

Ohhhh, so he's moving there?

Dana - website of choice
2005-08-12 20:16:12

Yep, eventually. There are certain, erm, complications at the moment that will make the process somewhat slower than I'd like, but by no later than the end of next year, we should both be careening around klutzily in a mutually shared abode here in Canada.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-08-12 20:19:22

Oh, and Meany - ice cream already consumed, booze to follow. Hiss - you're absolutely right, those buggers are slippery little devils. They don't always stay where they're supposed to either, and often pop loose at some of the most inopportune moments.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-08-12 20:57:41

I'm so happy for you and your accident-prone lover! Hopefully your next meeting will not result in blood-shed--unless you're kinky and into that sort of thing. :P ~Dev

dev - website of choice
2005-08-12 23:56:41

The first four times my wife and I were out on dates - something was spilled and a glass was broken. That's when we knew we were meant to be!

Smed - website of choice
2005-08-13 11:37:20

Actually your romantic interludes could have been lifted from pages in my own life, until recently. While I'm not Amazon woman, neither am I some delicate flower who'll wilt if you look at me cross-eyed. Hopefully your lover's injuries aren't too severe. Sounds like he's nothing if not determined. If he's broken something it doesn't sound like it will keep him from repeating the process!

radiogurl - website of choice
2005-08-13 22:03:41

oh! i clicked on your banner about an hour ago, and have never stayed this long on a strangers diary! you're the best! i've laughed out loud so many times!

twyla - website of choice
2005-08-19 13:03:59

As of Mar. 26, 2007, only Diaryland members will be able to post comments. Hopefully this will change soon, but I'm being spammed with 40-50 porn links in my comments pages a day, and it has to stop.

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