There are only three words that I can say to this:
Amen, sister. A-men.
Sidenote: I could NOT stop laughing. Gawd. I had people staring at me and asking me what in the name of Christmas crackers was so funny

Qu'est que c'est? - website of choice
2005-07-24 03:32:07

although they are terrible for the relationship thing, musicians are a great cure for the G-spot blues. They have hit that note many times over and are an addiction for me when it comes to that kind of stuff. Men don't have it all easy, especially the circumcised ones. Only 10% feeling left at the very tip of their penis, because of the newly born trim they have had to suffer through so doctors can have something to do with childbirth.

artgnome - website of choice
2005-07-24 03:38:42

I've come to expect to be edumacated here, which is even better than educated... it involves laughter and learning and leaving with a sense of shock and awe, but the fun kind of shock and awe, if you know what I mean :)

candoor - website of choice
2005-07-24 16:21:37

I'm a highly qualified edumacator. Too bad it doesn't hold up on a résumé.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-24 17:18:34

Well.Not like I know any guys. You know,but you sleep so deeply and safely,you know,just like on a cloud,when they lie next to you,you know,heavy and with their big backs. You sleep like on a cloud,you know!! Nothing can scare you!! Men can be like big pacifiers,you know!

High - website of choice
2005-07-24 18:01:39

You know, I was with a man who could make me cum regularly but I couldn't stand him out of bed. Maybe we could try genetically manipulating the males of the species: give 'em both a penis AND a brain. Though I'm hoping I might actually have found one of those rare birds, myself.

radiogurl - website of choice
2005-07-24 19:22:29

Heh… yeah, but have you read new scientist lately?They've had articles about the female sexual anatomy and orgasm, how/why it is the way it is, in several issues. What I learned from the articles is that they, uh, don't precisely know the whyfores of it all (though there are theories and blah), but mostly that male scientists consider it fascinating enough to be worthy of research. Surprise surprise. They've even done brain scans of women while faking orgasm and while having an orgasm to look at the difference. (If you're interested, in the real thing and at the height of it all, girls stop thinking at all, whereas guys who were brainscanned never entirely switched off). All in the name of science, of course. :-).

Trufula - website of choice
2005-07-25 05:16:56

In fact, Trufula, I have a subscription to Scientific American, Scientific American Mind, and Discover. They've tackled similar topics. I've occasionally picked up New Scientist, although I'm not a huge fan. I'll have to check out some of the more recent issues for juicy G-spot action.

In fact, when it comes to sexual response, at least up to orgasm, the whole belief that men are more visual than women, women more emotionally stimulated than men, blah blah blah, is apparently looking like a big, fat myth, based on brain scans of both male and female subjects while they're given various types and variety of erotica and porn to read and watch. So if a woman starts playing you like she's above all that icky, crass porn stuff, don't buy it. She's full of shit - she's just too much of a "good girl" to admit it.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-25 08:59:15

I think the idea of a little wiggly thing on a man in order to hit the clit is the best idea EVER! I'm not sure i'll be able to keep a straight face if/when i have sex again. I'll just keep seeing this little wiggly thing coming from his midsection...

Carrie - website of choice
2005-07-25 09:52:14

Trufula - I visited the New Scientist website and came across this article and the beginnings of this one, which is what I believe you're referring to. Yes, regarding the first one, it's a less-than-popular but likely accurate take on female sexual response, which of course doesn't make women all that happy to think that there's only so much they and their mate can do to improve the situation. Of course, shows like Sex in the City have done nothing to dispel that myth that women not coming during every sex session is all related to female cultural inhibitions and male ineptitude. Oh sure, the latter issues are definitely involved, but even after they're addressed, orgasms still don't occur all that more often for a large percentage of women. Of course, it's not quantity - it's the quality that counts. Ooh.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-25 09:54:21

Yeah that genetics thing is a bit of a bugger… I think mine are serviceable though. Another theory I read in NS which I'm not too keen on is that the female equipment is just a buggered up version of the male penis, and the fact that we can achieve orgasm at all is accidental, serving no evolutionary purpose. Doesn't do much for the self-esteem, does it? :-D. I prefer the theory that the female orgasm strengthens pair bonding, thus giving evolutionary benefits. It makes sense to me, and also feels nicer. Though then there's the whole question of why it's so difficult to get it… heh, oh yeah, I've read theories on that too. It's been proposed that because it's so difficult for a man to get a woman off, his ability to do it points him out as a good mate, who is receptive to demands etc, and would therefore make a good father, thus helping the selective process. However it all appears to be blind theorising, probably a break from their proper jobs doing cancer research on genetically modified rodents. Which is what all scientists do, isn't it? :-p. I find the whole brain-scanning-during-orgasm image quite funny, meself. I get images of a flustered man putting cushions in the MRI and lighting candles. "Is everything alright for you dear? Feel like coming yet?" ~T.

Trufula - website of choice
2005-07-25 10:54:56

heh, that puts a whole new outlook on for-her-pleasure condoms. they're probably developing your hypotheses without you getting one red cent! you better make sure you get on talk sex first before they make it impossible to set your claim!

addie - website of choice
2005-07-25 16:28:13

I think we're constructed this way because if things were the way we'd like them to be, we women would be completely perfect -- and that might get a little boring, don't you think?

Blue Meany - website of choice
2005-07-25 18:35:22

Of all the things to choose to make females imperfectly interesting, fucked up sex organs would not be top on my list. It wouldn't even be on my list.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-25 18:39:19

You hit the nail right on the head about TELLING THE GUY WHAT TO DO.... You can't complain if you let him think he's doing it right. Good for you for not faking it smoog. Actually i think it's a lot more interesting if you have to search for all the bits and bobs on a woman that make her go "Holy Fucking Shit!!" An Easter egg hunt isn't any fun if all the eggs are sitting on the lawn chair next to a giant sign that says "LOOK, HERE'S ALL THE GODDAMN EGGS RIGHT HERE!" I mean, maybe some people, mainly women, might say thats totally wrong. But I like the unknown exploration of finding out what makes my girlfriend go "Holy Fucking Shit!!" But thats just me. HAVE FUUUUUUN! (Oh, and glad you're back)

gerg69 - website of choice
2005-07-25 19:10:09

Back? Gerg, I've been back for about 2 months now. Perhaps you should do an easter hunt for a calendar instead of a g-spot. Or, hay, a calendar in a G-spot!

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-25 19:33:23

Oh, I saw that you had earlier entries before this one, but i just now got a email for THIS entry. I guess the rest got lost in the mail huh? HUH? But I had to welcome you back sometime didn't I? I could have just not said anything at all and made you think I knew you were back the whole time. And LIED to you. But nooooo I'm telling you the truth and saying I was glad. Glad I tell you!

gerg69 - website of choice
2005-07-25 19:53:44

Oh, sure they got lost in the mail. You didn't put me on your blocked list and just delete them all. Noooo.

Oh - and thanks. Wouldn't want you to think I was unappreciative or anything.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-25 20:00:36

It's entries like these that make me realise just how damned privileged it is to be a lesbian. We don't have to worry about any of this! Guess what's the perfect size, shape, and dexterity to stimulate the clitoris and/or g-spot (simultaneously, if you choose?): the HAND. The greatest sex-organ ever invented, after the brain of course. Want a bit more of that "ooh fuck me like that"? STRAP IT ON. You can even choose your preferred size or shape! Back to your dilemma though, it seems to me that using your hand on your clit while the two of you are, uh, going at it, would solve a fair few problems. Sure it doesn't make him feel so much like Super-"ohmygodmyDICKALONEisenoughtorockherorgasmicworld"-Man, but you still get to enjoy simultaneous orgasm. And that, my friends, is worth it.

pink - website of choice
2005-07-27 16:45:13

Pink, being gender non-specific myself, you're right in that girl-on-girl action doesn't have nearly the same dynamics. When one actually gets fucked by a strap-on, though, the same issue occurs in that only one girl is getting her rocks off. Mutual hand action, be it for straight couples or gay, has some of the best of both worlds - simultaneous orgasm and intimacy/eye contact - but the process of manual stimulation is a little on the wimpy, limp side in turns of both intimacy and stimulation, in my opinion. As for self-stimulation during fucking, it's a little difficult face-to-face without your arm and hand getting in the damn way of flailing body parts, and is much easier doggie-style. Of course, that still doesn't solve the problem of eye contact. So, you see, there is no perfect solution when stuck with the parts we have, be we fiddling girlie faddles or laddie faddlies.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-27 18:52:25

Don't you get it? We are built that way to be on top....

f-i-n - website of choice
2005-08-13 22:51:07

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