Dude! Slurpee shots would be SO MUCH COOLER than jello shots!

Blue Meany - website of choice
2005-07-16 13:31:09


Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-16 13:32:15

Omygoodgraciousholycow...I love the slushies! Mostly blue juice slushies...but Beer slushies sound absolutely grand! Sign me up.

artgnome - website of choice
2005-07-16 15:13:25

Stop talking about all manners of cold slurpilicious things - I am about to head out into the sweltering humid San Diego heat that will ravage my Colorado heat mal-adjusted type body. Now I just want to turn the AC up as high as it will go, take a cold shower and lay naked under the vent to make myself feel better.

Qu'est que c'est? - website of choice
2005-07-16 20:20:47

Hey Smoog, Rofl, sounds good girl. The hangover cure is a very funny end. Only problem is, beer with ice it, still tastes crap, but hey maybe that a good reason to do it. Hope you're having a good weekend. Catchya

Stuart - website of choice
2005-07-17 00:56:03

you need need NEED a snoopy snow cone maker! although it's terrifying that they call these things "vintage," i had such fun with them as a kid -- and they really did make great snow cones!

soulsojourn - website of choice
2005-07-17 00:57:48

Well, gracious. I just dropped by to thank you for your comment at my place. I didn't expect some kind of Spanish Inquisition about Slurpees and Gold Membership thingies. And when are you bald, by the way? Love, R xxx

hissandtell - website of choice
2005-07-17 01:07:33

I've been bald often, in fact, ever since my little tumour incident. Once the hair was gone, I realised just what a burden the fucking stuff was. Besides, I save a fortune on hair care products.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-17 01:19:51

Stuart, what you just said about beer is considered a federal offense in Canada.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-17 10:35:15

Is that like crushed ice? Oh,they sold that in Italy as icecream,you know,took crushed ice and then just poured sirup over that,that was so lovely,so dad tried to imitate that in our freezer,you know,take water and let it freeze,but not totally,yeah,didn´t work that well though...also was more exciting in vacation... hey,I loved how you decribed that when the ice is taking the journey through your body,I loved that. Funny,what a person you are. What you´re built of,you know,chemically. Like you´re a lizard or something,aren´t you?

Smoke - website of choice
2005-07-17 13:34:24

Hey Smoog, Well it's thankful that I'm in Aus then, isn't it. Must say, if you offered someone here a beer with ice in it, you'd be looking for your runners. Hmm, I'll have what Smoke's having please ;-P

Stuart - website of choice
2005-07-18 05:16:31

just get a snowcone maker that they sell for the kiddos. i have a spongebob one. i hope you eat a person one day and describe it as lusciously as you describe everything else. that'd just make my life. and end somebody else's, but hey, it's for a good cause!

addie - website of choice
2005-07-18 06:02:12

Stuart - ah, I hadn't realized you were only referring to ice beer. After all you said "still tastes crap", which implies you think beer tastes crap even without ice, which is simply not the Canadian way.
addie - snow cones are pleasant, but still, not slurpees, and not drinkable. A beer snow cone just wouldn't be the same.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-18 10:54:49

Hey Smoog, Oh, no no no, I quite like the occasional dozen beers or so, rofl. I actually brew my own, so... Is anyone here a fan of Red Dwarf, the one where Lister makes a beer shake, very funny. Favourite RD moment would have to be the Rimmer song. If you don't know what I'm talking about. Go to the RD site and download the song. Have a good day. Catch ya later

Stuart - website of choice
2005-07-18 21:03:03

The trick, Stuart, is not to use water ice. You have to use beer ice. One simply can't afford to water down that beery goodness, after all.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-19 13:23:26

ooooooooooh. I adore slurpees. Just coca cola flavored, though. I'm a purist.

abittergirl - website of choice
2005-07-20 03:02:14

Hmmm, you might be on to something there. You'll have to try it out sometime. What kind of beer would you use?

Stuart - website of choice
2005-07-20 06:46:11

Headbands. Cotton headbands. I am the queen of headbands. I sweat like a beast from my neck up. We must be related. Mmmmmm slushie! Yes!

xquzme - website of choice
2005-07-21 08:54:54

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