Go Smoog! Kill the ants!

foxgallagher - website of choice
2005-06-20 12:07:35

It's fun to throw the ants in the fire on the stove...they make a wonderful hissing and popping sound.

Jellehbelleh - website of choice
2005-06-20 15:15:11

At least they're not cockroaches ... those fuckers are BOLD. They will eat the food right out of your fridge while flipping you off and daring you to attempt to squash them. But I guess ants suck pretty bad too.

Blue Meany - website of choice
2005-06-20 18:02:26

Ants are my least favorite.

cloudy - website of choice
2005-06-20 19:52:37

i too have an ant issue..... but thus far they only terrorise a small cupboard.... and thats ok... they dont leave all the lights on... play bad music at all hours..or invite roundy freinds around who go through my bookcase...so for now they can stay.....but should it get a lil too antishly roudy... i have been told that ants hate vibration......i noticed that those on my kitchen sink are certainly offended by my keith moon butter knife impressions.... so i suggest mayhaps trading in the suction cap for a vibrational version and leaving it on in the area of most population.....cheers

boofkadinky - website of choice
2005-06-21 00:05:12

Your a gifted awesome writer. loved this entry, I felt I was right there. Lord knows I am not an ant lover. Go get um! Sandyz

Fightn4life - website of choice
2005-06-21 02:09:09

So, we have a really bad ant problem here too. I don't know if you are looking for advice, but one thing that really works here is to run dish soap along wherever their point of entry is (it sounds like its your bedroom window). I have no idea why, but they will not cross the soap. It's sort of archaic, but at least if your kitties lick it they won't get sick. :-) Good luck with your massacre.

lmenatrix - website of choice
2005-06-21 02:44:39

i think you need to see the movie "Joe's Apartment" it's about talking invader cockroaches.

addie - website of choice
2005-06-21 20:09:11

This entry was hilarious. The part about Jessie clawing your nether regions literally made me laugh out loud for a good amount of time, and then when I stopped laughing and read it a second time, I laughed out loud again.

Julia - website of choice
2005-07-07 09:24:14

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