I sounds wonderful. Really it does. It's too bad real life doesn't always play into our ideas of what we can and can't do, and live with. Good luck, I hope it works for you.

Ladybugge - website of choice
2005-06-18 15:10:00

amen! testify sista!

pumpkin queen - website of choice
2005-06-18 15:42:45

"Sounds" wonderful? "Can and can't do"? Honey, it's how I live right this minute. To actually do the opposite and live like some itsy bitsy trixie with a frontal lobotomy - that takes effort.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-06-18 18:08:54

Ok, so I'm going to print out this entry and at the very, very bottom place a: X________________________ (S/O) and a X_________________________ (Witness) & make it legally binding. 'K with you?

Tagamii - website of choice
2005-06-18 21:11:44

*scribble scribble scribble*

Listmania - website of choice
2005-06-18 22:16:34

That's right love. You take all the notes you like, and remember - if I don't follow through, the choice of punishment is all yours.

And be as creative as you want. Really. Props optional, but ever so appreciated.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-06-18 22:23:37

*scribble scribble scrib--* *drops notepad* *fans self* *breathes deeply* *rushes off to gather assorted items -- quickly*

Listmania - website of choice
2005-06-18 22:32:42

This journal is temporarily out of service due to - uh - "technical difficulties". Please stand by.

Wait, hold up, love! I'm ready to be punished now! *sprints*

Smoog - website of choice
2005-06-18 22:37:47


addie - website of choice
2005-06-19 02:12:33

I love this. You have a wonderful comedic style. I'm happy to have found another great journal to read.

she-ra7 - website of choice
2005-06-19 16:58:36

This is the most reasonable thing I have read in a long time. What a concept! "I promise to act like an adult and treat you like one as well."

mongolherder - website of choice
2005-06-22 11:45:16

But what if I really LIKE the "Spiced Butternut" yellow for the office walls, eh? I mean, seriously, he got to pick out all the other colors!!! And the ugly curtains in the bedroom...I'm letting him keep those! And the shower curtain that his ex-live-in girlfriend bought (Martha Stewart; plaid), that's staying because he likes it, too. Teasing, love. It's his house; I'm just helping him make it better. Let's face it: the Paddington wallpaper has GOT to GO!

biensoul - website of choice
2005-07-05 22:25:11

Oh dear, biensoul. I -- oh my, I really hate to be the one to break this to you, dear, but you may want to sit down for this. You-- well, you've been infected. We've yet to find a cure. Yes, I'm afraid it's true - you've contracted Acute Spousal Shack-Glamour-Augmentation Syndrome - ASSGAS for short.

I'll do my best to support you in your time of need. Just put the swatches down and back away from the bed-in-a-bag. Nice and slow, and no one gets hurt.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-07-05 22:40:57

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