I love your hair!

Jellehbelleh - website of choice
2005-06-17 14:02:26

*giggles* That sounds just like something me & my friend might come up with on msn! You're so right, that is what friendship is all about! Oh yeah, & your photo so rocks. It's sooo much better than my passport photo! *burns photo while giggling insanly*

Aimz - website of choice
2005-06-17 14:35:22

Yeah,helium. Brom does the opposite thing,it make your voice deeper,so you sound really intimidating. Ive seen that on a TV show,the "Bundesvision Songcontest"-got to tell you about that one. So,Brom may have a memorable effect on our wedding vows,too.

mio - website of choice
2005-06-17 14:42:19

Nice photo, your eyes could be a little crazier, a little more bloodshot. That would really make the image perfect, and your hair needs to look matted. hehe!

czar - website of choice
2005-06-17 19:35:37

LOL!! you sound just like me and my friend natalie when we talk. i needed that... :D

gretchen - website of choice
2005-06-18 00:14:20

so are you saying you didn't enjoy that afternoon conjugal visit? man, woemen and their public image. you should be crawling back asking for more 'chin-ups'. XD

addie - website of choice
2005-06-18 01:09:26

I whish your passport photo was my photo!

Annika - website of choice
2005-06-18 07:06:59

when i imagine your helium laughter, i imagine izma when she turned into a cat in "the emperor's new groove". :)

moony - website of choice
2005-06-18 11:38:04

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