i think you need a more literate lover.

couch star - website of choice
2005-06-09 13:17:29

My word, I think I've giggled myself to death.

Jess - website of choice
2005-06-09 16:56:55


Meg - website of choice
2005-06-09 18:55:45

Oh, that was brilliant, and so very, very true.

luminary - website of choice
2005-06-09 20:54:01

i've never laughed so hard in all my life and by God your right, when flacid, it DOES look like part of the intestines that just fell out. either that or a sick little thing that should die or be nursed to health again. you rock girl.

chassiefear - website of choice
2005-06-10 00:21:47

oh dear. those corny 'literotica' mags you can buy 2 for $5 at 7-11 are constantly making the crucial mistake of trying to get clever with their juvenile and categorically unsexy nomenclature and you end up laughing too hard at "fuck pole" and "love flaps" to do what you're supposed to do. masturbate. At the end of the day, fucking isn't supposed to be crafted by P.G. Wodehouse. There is really only one word for a dude's member that is acceptable in bed, and 2 for a woman's ...region.

eBeth - website of choice
2005-06-10 08:48:28

I thought the Mighty Fung sounded either like a dog breed at the Westminster Dog Show or the name of a Monty Python character.

awittykitty - website of choice
2005-06-10 23:25:00

The Mighty Fung sounds to me like the badly translated name of a 70's kung fu flic. That, or a They Might Be Giants song.

James - website of choice
2005-06-13 08:15:41

I,I think Im in love with you!

Izzu - website of choice
2005-06-13 15:03:56

I agree with James. They Might be Giants could probably turn "The Mighty Fung" into a song. PS-I'm still giggling.

Donna - website of choice
2005-08-18 19:39:02

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