Oh Smoog, those are fantastic! Well done!

luminary - website of choice
2005-02-26 22:02:41

This is all almost unbereadable.

Dangerspouse - website of choice
2005-02-26 22:10:34

i'd have to say that punnel and marshmallet are my favourites. if you don't mind, i'd like to borrow them for every day use.

pumpkin queen - website of choice
2005-02-26 22:45:26

But of course. No need to be syruptitious about it.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-02-26 22:51:18

SNIGLETS. SNIGLET (snig' lit) n. Any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should. -by Rich Hall & Friends (nice banner by the way)

Obsidianfrog - website of choice
2005-02-27 03:52:45

Love the smoog banner with all the eyes! And your words.... awesolicious. (I'm not nearly as good as you are at this word-making-up stuff).

thatgrrrl - website of choice
2005-02-27 09:22:37

You have the gift of definition!

Suburban Island - website of choice
2005-02-27 14:59:44

hooray for a new entry... hooray for a new diptionary... hooray for time (so when are you visiting Orlando?)... hooray for you, for I love you :)

candoor - website of choice
2005-02-27 15:46:34

I luff it! Definitely goin in my fave entries. Great job!

Ireintrospct - website of choice
2005-02-27 19:49:09

Suburban Island, don't you mean this?

defamition (n.) -- Brutalization of the English lexicon.

Smoog - website of choice
2005-02-27 20:02:34

lol that was just great. Cool diary. May I add you to my bl?

Lolita - website of choice
2005-02-28 01:39:54

wow dude. you have way too much time on your hands. but I have equally as much to sit down and read those. I'm liking the Halleludiah too.

Beth - website of choice
2005-02-28 09:41:30

I saw the banner and had to click (I always thought it was called dairyland) and then I was shocked to see it was from you. I used to read you. Glad to see you still come in with the occassional brilliant post.

cloudy - website of choice
2005-02-28 15:53:34

Oh so funny, no really. I couldn't stop laughing for over half an hour.

suicideface - website of choice
2005-03-03 15:58:41

smoog my love! i'm so glad to read new things from you! however, i am going to have to sue you for stealing skanktify. i've been using it for years to describe what my roomate, the high priestess of sluttsville, does to everything she puts in her mouth.

melissa - website of choice
2005-03-03 21:33:30

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