Bipolar during a manic epsiode? Then you'd love me my dear.

X - website of choice
2004-04-17 16:56:58

With entries like this one you endear yourself to me all the more, and frankly Scarlett - I get terribly envious.

LJD - website of choice
2004-04-18 10:32:01

I think we'd get along well. Or rather, not. I lack the honnesty-censoring patent in my mental mapping too.

L'Aphaule - website of choice
2004-04-18 12:27:44

ah, how I adore you (I'll count the ways another time)... I missed your return by a couple of weeks, but then, time is relative... like right now I must go to work and so I will write myself a note to return here to catch up on you as soon as I can and hope I remember to find the note tomorrow...

candora - website of choice
2004-04-18 20:31:07

Added you to THE TOP OF my mir (members I read) which is some kind of inline frame on my diaryland thingy and (surprise 21st century folks) added myself to your notify list. Very cool. Mumble mumble. ;) (don't tell anyone, k?)

r.wesley - website of choice
2004-04-19 23:22:57

do you have parsley

minkie - website of choice
2004-04-20 02:52:37

i am not entirely sure if i'd get along with you or not. if i ever met you that is. i find you amusing. in a weird way i think your funny

A,manda - website of choice
2004-04-20 19:59:50

As of Mar. 26, 2007, only Diaryland members will be able to post comments. Hopefully this will change soon, but I'm being spammed with 40-50 porn links in my comments pages a day, and it has to stop.

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