Welcome back from the land of the sun... even if you are only visiting us temporarily.

coolwatyr - website of choice
2004-04-05 20:34:42

As a former Edmontonian now living in New orleans.... you just cured me of all homesickness. Haha, now I remember what it was REALLY like!

Kitty - website of choice
2004-04-06 10:14:24

You're back! Oh, you're back. It's so good to read you once again.

schmutzie - website of choice
2004-04-06 19:01:04

good I missed you. lol.

AngelShadow - website of choice
2004-04-06 20:52:28

I had become attached to your writing a while back and am pleased to see you return, if even briefly.

James - website of choice
2004-04-07 18:21:22

I'm back, I'm back!

Wait a minute. I've always been here. I don't recall having missed me. Wait. There was that one week during Christmas that's a blank. I had simply chalked it up to the two festive bottles of port and a mickey of gin. Maybe I actually lost myself. Thank goodness I found me. It would not be a safe neighbourhood if I was simply allowed to wander around without me to watch out for me.

Smoog - website of choice
2004-04-07 20:32:41

yay, smoog is back (I am practicing stating the obvious... did I get it right?... I know I'm late, but heck, nobody told me... and I just saw the banner... so I'll cheer the parade long after it passes and be first when it comes around again :)

candoor - website of choice
2004-04-18 20:24:54

You have been missed. So have I, but not as much.

funda - website of choice
2004-04-18 20:25:37

with delight I re-enter your mind hoping I am still there to find because I could not leave you behind (you're just too much fun, I am resigned).

candora - website of choice
2004-04-18 20:27:37

You should be careful with that "life outside blogging" stuff. "They" are listening, watching, sniffing around for people like us.

j. - website of choice
2005-07-08 12:25:35

As of Mar. 26, 2007, only Diaryland members will be able to post comments. Hopefully this will change soon, but I'm being spammed with 40-50 porn links in my comments pages a day, and it has to stop.

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