Guilty! Except you know, I'm visiting from work...

Tessa - website of choice
2003-09-17 14:06:40

I'm one of them urls, but I don't have to go study, I'm faculty!

oomm - website of choice
2003-09-17 15:16:53

*guilty* But at college there are no actual 'school' or 'work' times... It all bleeds together into one caffeinated haze with my roommate singing opera in the background.

alana - website of choice
2003-09-17 15:20:58

I'm not guilty, but hey, people need breaks from studying :P

Foxgallagher - website of choice
2003-09-17 15:57:31

So...you're saying you don't have vital info on the mating habits of prairie voles? Damn. And no, I'm not a college student; I just find such things to be of interest.

Ruby - website of choice
2003-09-17 15:57:47

Breaks? Breaks?? Never! And oomm -- that's somehow better? Heh.

Smoog - website of choice
2003-09-17 16:37:24

if you are getting any referrals from ursinus.edu that is my fault :) there wont be many, as we are a small institution, but if you see ANY... they came through me.

Ame - website of choice
2003-09-17 17:20:21

dude, you're hilarious... I think I said that in your guestbook earlier, but that's okay... and hah, I'm in high school, so... there.

Mary - website of choice
2003-09-17 17:35:21

But being in college is like...not being anything at all. You've got a class here or there for an hour or so. But all the rest of the time, it's either you watch TV, you sleep, or you go to diaryland. *shrugs*

Kate - website of choice
2003-09-17 18:01:39

Guilty as charged. Actually, your diary almost made me late to class two days ago. Influencing my vulnerable college-student brain, and all that. So maybe we should start addressing the root of the problem here! Down with Smoog! ;P

Thrennion - website of choice
2003-09-17 20:01:58

Yeah, well there are how many hours between classes around here? If I don't read diaryland three times a day, I get backlogged with other people's entries that I have to catch up on, and that's not a pretty sight. -greetings from the state university of new jersey.

dassia - website of choice
2003-09-17 20:42:15

How about employees of important hospitals which are frenziedly preparing for a hurricane? Hey, if I get sucked up by a twister, I can't be worrying about "I wonder what Smoog's been up to?"

fiestada - website of choice
2003-09-18 08:32:15

is there anyplace better to not do work than at work/school? ::scoffs:: I think not! jes aka bohner

bohner - website of choice
2003-09-18 12:37:07

Oh, and yeah, I am at work. working at not working, thank you very much

bohner - website of choice
2003-09-18 12:38:36

hehe im reading you from home... and enjoying your sense of humor.

chaosdaily - website of choice
2003-09-19 19:58:14

One must ponder which is worse, surfing during school hours, or surfing on a Sunday afternoon with a gorgeous day outside?

Markus - website of choice
2003-09-21 18:10:15

Oy. *poke* I'm bored, write something pithy.

Gabriel - website of choice
2003-09-21 20:54:37

Hey you yourself. *shove*

Smoog - website of choice
2003-09-21 21:32:05

Ah ha, if you think you can placate me physical abuse you're grossly mistaken bucko. Now get those scribbles a-scriblin'

Gabriel - website of choice
2003-09-21 21:34:00

stupid lack of edit button. *kicks lack of edit button*

Gabriel - website of choice
2003-09-21 21:34:51

Oh, all right. I'll write something tonight. Just to keep you happy. Oh, and one last thing -- *noogie*

Smoog - website of choice
2003-09-21 21:45:18

Noogie not, for I have perfect hair. *jostle*

Gabriel - website of choice
2003-09-21 21:46:05

Sure you do. For a Chia Pet. *pinch*

Smoog - website of choice
2003-09-21 21:47:02

Which bring me back to my original subject: the flagrant discrimination against novelty objects.

Gabriel - website of choice
2003-09-21 21:50:59

Ooh baby, discriminate against my novelty object.

Smoog - website of choice
2003-09-21 21:53:20

Both of you go to your rooms before I call Donner

St. Elmo's Fire - website of choice
2003-09-22 00:18:47

HAHAHHAA that was great, and you know what? badly needed thanks smoog, i'm off to research stuff.

hi - website of choice
2003-09-22 16:36:09

Studying? What's that? ;) Great banner by the way.

Sarah - website of choice
2003-09-22 18:25:09

Haha, yes i'm a slacker too, but i'm an A student. So doin all good! Hehehe. And uh yea. IAA!!! wanna see my diary? gotta have password and such. U:lifeofme P:6206277 Adios!

Adina - website of choice
2003-09-22 21:22:31

Gaaaaaah. *gnaws on the corners of Smoog's site* Gaaaah!

Gabriel - website of choice
2003-09-23 12:57:17

In the absence of voles, I'll take college co-eds. So where is that writing you promised Gabriel?

candora - website of choice
2003-09-23 21:24:43


Gabriel - website of choice
2003-09-23 23:18:59

*pokes smoog*

Gabriel - website of choice
2003-09-23 23:19:38

I'm nursing a sick cat, so I haven't had the time. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Pbbbfft.

Smoog - website of choice
2003-09-24 09:54:41

Hmm, I hear that suckling cats after a certain age can do psychological damage.

Gabriel - website of choice
2003-09-24 10:44:52

I have a couple of sick cats, but their problem is psychological... I'm contemplating taking up cat-head shrinking. (would I be terribly eavesdropping if you heard me laughing at your suckling conversation?)

candora - website of choice
2003-09-25 09:38:50

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