I just wanted to tell you how brilliant I thought this entry was!

sroo - website of choice
2003-09-16 11:03:08

I'm mentally massaging your earlobes right now.

Sweetcheeks - website of choice
2003-09-18 15:46:43

Oh, is that the latest new-fangled psychotherapeutic treatment? Telekinetic lobe-stroking?

Smoog - website of choice
2003-09-19 01:22:25


Sweetcheeks - website of choice
2003-09-20 21:53:04

great entry. :) well put.

amy-poetica - website of choice
2003-09-22 19:22:27

Brilliantly written!

Stuart - website of choice
2004-08-28 04:31:50

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