That entry was really funny, I can agree with you with the hate of breast implants that really pisses me off. that's really anti-feminists and it seems as though womyn only do that for men and not themselves, they could have so many more manicures and shyt if they just did something for thumselves, Its not often i can pay attention to something tha-- hey, isnt that a butterfly? well anyway, your diary kicks ass, keep on rockin in the free world, Smoog.

Najhra of the mythincal city, Najhré - website of choice
2003-10-01 19:36:00

*Clap* I'm so with you on all that. Except I have to admit, I like shoes. I'm picky. I want comfy ones, I don't want my feet to hurt. That's my reason.

Cait - website of choice
2003-12-07 19:52:20

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