Jeepers freakin' creepers. If that story about your brain tumor is true. Man, what a tough break. At least you didn't end up like that super skinny cancer chick in the movie Fight Club. Where she was at the mike begging for someone in the audience to have sex with her for the last time before she died. Heh-heh. Great scene and movie. Hope you are doing better these days. Ciao. :)

jace - website of choice
2004-02-02 19:00:48

What a facinating story. Just terrible that stuff like that has to happen but I'm glad to see you've come out on top, more or less. Your memory now sounds like mine always has been. lol

Susanne - website of choice
2004-04-15 16:12:28

Smoog, Have you read "In the Shadow of Memory" by Floyd Skloot?

ME - website of choice
2004-05-21 16:36:04

I like you. You're quick-witted and entertaining... My bro had a brain tumor removed in his youth... It was for the better though-- now he's not a 21 year old alcoholic with severe emotional problems, just a happy camper in the slow stream of the rat race. Makes you appreciate existence all over again. Ja ne! Frenzy

Lady-Frenzy - website of choice
2004-07-23 15:17:14

sometimes reading such things like what you had to go through makes you re apprecaite what you have x

ezzy - website of choice
2004-12-18 07:05:46

what is that head cheese poem? di you write it? its cool but confusing. kind of llike lewis caroll.

VC - website of choice
2005-07-31 23:59:38

I just read your bio and I must say wow! I feel very lucky to have Smoog as my virtual friend. Keep up the good writing, I enjoy your adventures and thoughts.

kungfukitten - website of choice
2005-08-17 23:01:17

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